Cats EVE

The Manager of ‘Hooman’ Resources

In early May of 2016 CCP releases EVE‘s “Citadel” expansion. This expansion allowed normal capuleer players to build their own (very large!) stations. The concept really shook Morgan’s and my imagination. We rejuvenated the corporation we’d founded, Star Tide Industries, and vowed to be one of the first to build and orbit a new Astrahaus […]


The Dawn of Video games

Like I said before, I never thought of myself as a gamer, probably because I associated that term with video gaming. I never thought of myself as a video gamer. But that wasn’t quite true, either. I had one of the original PONG games, as a matter of fact. But in the late 90s and […]


The Start of Cats…

I grew up with dogs. My first dog was a poodle I barely remember, but it’s interesting to note that the very first memory I have is probably around 2.5 or 3 years as I was sitting in my play pen in the foyer, and watching what for me was a huge black dog bounce […]

Jungle's Edge Monastery

JEM Update

This is a Jungle’s Edge Monastery update post. I’ve been hard at work getting a skeleton spawner I found the other day setup and working. I use a website called Chunkbase quite a lot and I found that this spawner while still being a ways away from my base was the closest to me. The […]


We have a Minecraft server!

Yeah, I know we just started the blog, but I used to be really into Minecraft and due to my ongoing health issues I’ve not had the energy to play like I did back a few months or a year ago. Well, with the release of Hermitcraft Season 8 recently on YouTube, I’m back and […]

Chess Dungeons & Dragons

Doc’s Intro Into Gaming

Oddly enough, I’ve never thought of myself as a gamer, but when you look back on it, gaming has been a cornerstone of my entire life. It even pre-dates cats. It started on 11 September 1978 after a doctors appointment in Syracuse, NY. Due to a genetic condition, I was small for my age. After […]